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Founders’ Note

Samson Eberhart & Jillian Halterman

Samson Eberhart & Jillian Halterman

A Note from the Editors-in-Chief

On behalf of all who have contributed to this publication, both in the past and at present, we welcome you to the Pioneer Business Review. We are excited to bring to you a student-run publication that educates, inspires, and addresses the DU community and its stakeholders.  This bi-quarterly publication, released on weeks three and seven of every quarter, is funded through the Undergraduate Business Student Association and Undergraduate Student Government, and has been born out of a desire to connect the students of DU through a business mindset.

The Pioneer Business Review has been a long time in the making, but the experience has been both insightful and beneficial, and we are so fortunate to have been given this opportunity.  From its humble beginnings as a brain-child of now DU alum Spencer Arnold, the Pioneer Business Review was developed as a way to connect to the Daniels community and be a medium of communication for the business school.  We released two “test launch” issues during the spring quarter of 2011, which many of you may have seen floating around campus.  That was a great learning experience for the both of us. As we discovered the opportunity that the newspaper presented to develop our own goals, we were able to find our niche and passion for managing a great publication.

Trial and error has been invaluable to us, and by taking all that we learned over the past year we have revamped of the entire publication for its spring 2012 release after returning from the fall semester abroad.  Throughout this time of development during winter quarter, we have learned so much about the real need for this paper on our campus.  We widened the breadth of our target audience to not just business students but anyone interested in learning how business affects our daily lives.  We hope that we can provide topics that spur dialogue and discourse, and provide an outlet for readers to be educated on how the flow of money and the study of business has applications everywhere.

Our reasons for creating the Pioneer Business Review were both very similar, and we see day after day that our motivations are ever-evolving as we develop and grow this project.  We both saw this publication as a way to continue producing a school-based production (with extensive experience in high school newspaper and video production) but at the collegiate level.  We had both come to know and love managing tangible mediums of communication, yet  are finally be able to cater our efforts toward our field of study.  The two of us truly desire to leave a legacy at Daniels and, in a sense, make our mark not only on our school but with the faculty, staff, and students who come in contact with the paper.

In our opinion, this paper is a coalition of the entire DU community—not just the business school.  From staff writers to designers and from promotions to advertising, the Pioneer Business Review’s production staff is from non business-related disciplines as well, and as a result gives the paper a holistic perspective. This is an initiative that targets the entire student population, and involves the entire student population.  Without the generous support of all those who have helped to make this possible, this paper before you would not exist.  The DCB administration has been so supportive in this venture, and having the backing of the Daniels staff is comforting and motivating all the same.

We are beyond excited for what the future holds for this publication.  We have a growing staff, all who have demonstrated competency and motivation to see that this paper succeeds.  We are motivated by the determination of each contributor, whether they are a part of the design, writing, photography, promotions, or advertising teams. Through their commitment and desire for success, we are motivated to lead them as best we can and facilitate the production of a paper we all can be proud of.

We hope that is paper will illuminate the creativity and opportunity of the business world to all DU students and prove that we can be creative, innovative, and impactful. Above all else, it is our mission as leaders of this initiative to provide an outstanding publication that can discuss the impact of business on DU’s community and DU’s impact upon business alike. Thank you for your interest and support for the Pioneer Business Review.

Jillian Halterman and Samson Eberhart